Lunchables Kabeat Kabox

A pocket-sized music studio to add to Kraft’s digital suite of apps for kids

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Lunchables with Smoothie Kabobbles are a totally customizable snack—like a remix you can eat. To play off that idea, we created a visually stimulating audio remix app to complement our existing collection of Lunchables branded digital games: K-Catch and K-Face.

Kabeat Kabox helps kids create personalized music tracks to share with friends. Users start by recording a short line, phrase or word. Then, they tap, swipe and slide to mix and match pre-loaded melodies and beats. Each unique creation can be named and saved to the device library and shared with friends through social media.

It’s no secret that kids don’t like being told what to do, so we designed an interface and user experience that encourages exploration but also keeps the learning curve low. Our studio and development teams also partnered closely to pair audio effects with cool visualize effects, ensuring the app engaged all the senses.

With a little help from Kabeat Kabox and Lunchables, anyone can make beautiful music (even if they sing with their mouth full).

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