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Royal Caribbean tasked Firstborn to transform the guest experience aboard their Quantum class ships. We delivered the first ever fully-immersive AR experience to take place on the high seas.

Introducing Expedition TWO70: an augmented reality adventure. The groundbreaking suite of augmented reality (AR) games transforms Royal Caribbean’s TWO70 event space at the hull of their ships into a massive room-scale experience designed to delight guests and expand Royal Caribbean’s adventurous brand into new, uncharted territories. Utilizing the architecture of TWO70, the experience turns the physical space into an aspect of gameplay. In one challenge, players fire arrows out across the balcony at an archipelago of floating islands. In another, they walk 360º around the stage as they navigate a giant maze carved into a four-story temple. With four fully-immersive games, we designed a cohesive universe with an authentic and ownable connection to the Royal Caribbean brand. The experience transports players to an entire world of adventure, utilizing the immersive power of AR to create a guest experience on a scale never before seen at sea.
Expedition TWO70 marks a new generation of onboard entertainment. Integrated into the Royal Caribbean International App, guests can access the experience directly from their smartphone with no extra download required and no dedicated hardware to run the games on-site. Games were designed to get progressively more challenging, creating an experience that would bring guests back to play over and over again without deterring beginners. As guests completed each game they were rewarded with a mask in the form of an AR selfie filter—users flipped the camera around to capture an everlasting, shareable memento of the experience. To achieve 360º of play, AR experiences rely on the movement of a phone—this gets interrupted by the ocean. With significant R&D we turned Expedition TWO70 into the first fully-immersive AR experience built for a moving ship. A part of a bigger collaborative effort between Royal Caribbean and Firstborn to transform the guest experience, and instil innovation at the heart of the Royal Caribbean brand.


With Firstborn we’ve launched a suite of mixed reality games to delight guests aboard Royal Caribbean Quantum Class ships. We’ve continued to work with Firstborn as we roll out new immersive games and experiences across our global fleet, because they bring the perfect blend of creative-led thinking, design and innovation.

Jared Finegold, Senior Manager emerging products and digital innovation