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We created an immersive AR Tarot experience on Snapchat that offers bargoers a glimpse into what their futures might hold. Intricate illustrations invite the user to explore Jägermeister’s rich heritage. And Snapcodes embedded in on- and off-premise collateral bridged the gap between digital and physical.

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With astrology trending and the Tarot itself experiencing a renewed interest amongst our target, we decided to blend two of our target’s favorite things: Snapchat and the Tarot—translating the brand’s heritage into a custom Augmented Reality Tarot card experience. From a visit to the Herbologist’s ingredient-filled shop to a hunt for the brand’s iconic stag in the mysterious Darkë Woods, each lens functions as a Tarot card fortune, inspiring the possibilities of the night and suggesting a Jägermeister cocktail pairing to go along with it.
In Tarot, an ancient fortune telling method, special playing cards are interpreted to predict the future. We translated the rich brand identity of Jägermeister into custom Tarot cards that gave consumers a glimpse into what their futures might hold—and brought them to life as immersive Augmented Reality experiences delivered through Snapchat. “Divine the Darkë” activates Jägermeister’s unique heritage in a culturally-relevant space, driving engagement and awareness by positioning Jägermeister as an essential ingredient for a memorable night.

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