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In 2004, Adidas became the official league-wide outfitter of Major League Soccer, the fastest growing sports league in North America. After celebrating 25 years of MLS in 2020, Adidas needed to make an impact for 2021.

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27 Teams. One System. This was our biggest campaign to date and the first to live across adidas.com. We crafted and directed nearly one thousand unique assets across all 27 teams. To accomplish this, we developed a unique gameplan. We created a flexible design system that could be easily modified for each squad—while staying true to the adidas ethos and individual team traditions. These assets were used across all touchpoints—from the MLS landing pages to content-rich ecommerce product detail pages, mastheads to email, social to YouTube. We did it all, times 27.

Our approach was to capture the essence of each fan base, making sure our designs were a true reflection of what makes each team special—and makes each group of supporters unlike anyone else in the world.

And because fans can easily tell the difference between an authentic and a fraud, we used real fans as voice actors and models as often as possible.
Ladies First. Women make up 42% of the MLS fan base—they are, and always have been, a crucial part of MLS. They’re loyal, diverse, and excited about the sport. When women were asked how the league can best support them, being featured in ads was the #1 response.
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