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Amazon developed Whispersync for Voice (WfV) to allow users to switch between reading a book on their Kindle device/app and listening to the same book on their Audible audiobook companion—all without losing their place. Audible & Amazon wanted to increase awareness and usage of WfV, so they tapped us to come up with a fresh new way to share the experience.

We discovered that existing technical demonstrations of WfV weren’t capturing the attention of our target audience. So, we took a more emotional approach to demonstrate how WfV is perfect for those times when a book is SO good, “I couldn’t put it down.”

From concept to completion, we brought the story of WfV to life through the depiction of an engrossed reader and her devotion to the highly popular and rather racy "Outlander" series. Without ever breaking from the storyline, we were able to exhibit the benefits and ease of the WfV feature.

Initial reactions on Facebook were overwhelming, with 400+ users sharing the video and nearly 4,000 “liking” the video in just the first few days. Commenters chimed in about how perfectly the narrative described their own reading experiences, as well as their excitement to use WfV feature with their own Kindle. If early success is any indication, we’re thinking that everyone will live happily ever after.

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