We shape modern brands for a connected future.

Since 1997, we’ve seen the digital landscape change dramatically. Our industry has transformed, our clients’ businesses and their challenges have become more complex, consumer behavior has shifted, and we, as a company, have evolved with those changes.

Twenty-two years ago, we were founded on the belief that smart ideas and rich interactive experiences built with craft and creativity would move our clients’ businesses forward. We still believe that today.

We believe bleeding-edge companies drive deeper, more meaningful connections with their consumers. We help our clients realize the full potential of being a modern brand that moves at the pace of culture by exploiting the last unfair competitive advantage any brand has: craft, design, and creativity.

What We Do Hero
What We Do Hero
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    Rich Interactive Experiences

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    Campaign Innovation

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    Branding Through the Lens of Digital

Website & Mobile Design

Augmented Reality (AR + webAR)

Virtual Reality (VR)

App Design & Development (iOS + Android)

Game Design & Development



Installations, Kiosks & Experiences

Concept Development

Art Direction & Writing

Visual Design & Production

Communication Design

Channel Strategy

Analytics & Reporting

2D & 3D Animation

Motion Graphics

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Category & Cultural Research

Identity Design

Visual & UI Design

Tone of Voice

Brand Guidelines

Art Direction

Experience & Retail Design

Motion & Sonic Identity

Brand & Product Roadmapping

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    Creative & Design

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    Technical Arts & Development

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    Client Engagement

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    Special Ops

This team (a mixture of writers, designers, editors, and strategists) is involved in nearly every stage of the process, from the initial concept through the final output—whether it’s a brand launch, campaign video, digital experience, or multi-channel integrated campaign. As the project takes shape, the Creative & Design team works side-by-side with our team of creative technologists to ensure the final experience is one that consumers will crave.

Our creative technologists and developers offer a wide range of skills and services, including front and backend web development, mobile development, CG, and 3D and Unity development for mixed reality experiences (AR, VR, and MR). Involved from kickoff to the last code push, the team turns ideas into digital experiences that have helped shape the industry for over 20 years.

This team is structured to help clients plan for the long-term—while acting on the near-term. Producers are the liaison between your stakeholders and our team, bringing products and experiences to life for your brand and customers. Program Managers are your long-term partners, developing a deep understanding of your business. They partner with your cross-functional team to help shape your brand’s digital future.

Our data strategists help transform our clients’ businesses by delivering cultural, consumer, and data-driven insights—whether for innovative branded experiences or new products and services. The team takes a nimble and streamlined approach to data and analytics, all based in the understanding that each challenge is unique and requires different ways of thinking and working.

The Special Ops team is the glue that holds Firstborn together. From attracting top talent to making employees’ lives easier and more fun once they get here, they work across all teams to get shit done. They’re a rag-tag bunch with different specialties and disciplines, but all come together to help the rest of Firstborn make the best possible work.