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It's the story.
Not the technology.

We’ve been pioneers in emerging technology for nearly 20 years. What’s kept us in business for so long is our focus on crafting stories and experiences that resonate with the consumer – stories and experiences that solve real business challenges. With virtual reality we help marketers navigate this emerging and ever-in-flux landscape to craft the right story with the right technology leading to best-in-class experiences.

So, is VR right for you?

The answer could honestly be, no. We’re past the point where your brand will get credit just for playing in the space, it has to make sense for your brand objectives, and the execution has to be flawless.

So when is VR right?

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    Is virtual reality the right fit for your brand story?

    VR offers you the opportunity to bring your brand story to life in a surprising and immersive way, but it can’t be a forced fit. Consider what experience your brand could offer that your audience would not have access to otherwise. Don’t treat this as another piece of branded content. Or worse, an ad. Tell a story in a way that can only be done in VR. Be authentic.

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    Is the experience you envision right for the campaign context?

    VR works best for brands that are focused on engagement. Right now, VR is doing the job of earned media, and should be treated as such. It needs to be backed by a solid content and distribution strategy.

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    Is VR the right fit for your target?

    Stop staring at the shiny silver object. Think strategically about the audience you want to reach and whether they’ll be attracted to VR in the first place. New technology platforms are not for everyone.