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Technical Director

King of the Nerds

You’ll be responsible for leading teams of talented developers and engineers across a variety of increasingly challenging projects.
Firstborn is looking for a Technical Director that’s not afraid to get their hands dirty with active coding. Your main responsibility will be leading development across multiple projects with small teams of programmers. As a Technical Director, you’ll be analyzing business and creative requirements to determine the technical approach for project while working directly with developers to execute the given challenge.
You’ll be expected to understand and use the latest frameworks and technologies and provide assistance and mentorship to juniors on the team. On larger and more technically complex projects, you’ll work with the Lead Developer to ensure development is considerate of the technical approach and that all aspect of the project - such as security, performance, usability, and aesthetics - are are upheld to our standards. On smaller projects, you’ll lead the actual development with a Junior or Intermediate developer, laying the groundwork and providing code reviews to monitor progress.
As a part of our Technical Leadership team, you’ll be expected to help strategize approaches for new business on pitches and new work request. You’ll also have the opportunity to impact the way we make work - both on the Development team as well as the agency overall.

Key Duties

  • Work with the production team to gather business requirements for projects and translate them into technical specification (and vise-versa)
  • Responsible for the technical approach across projects - both active projects and proactive ones that we may be pitching
  • Act as the Lead Developer on smaller projects in place of a Senior Developer to provide project setup, technical direction, and code reviews
  • Provide technical leadership, assuring adherence to best practices in both coding as well as well as processes
  • Identify technical business needs in such areas as security audits, SEO, analytics, A/B testing, etc
  • Help bridge communication between client, third party vendors and other internal teams
  • Must Have

  • Experience in a leadership position, either as a team lead or project leadVery strong technical background covering multiple languages and platforms
  • Experience developing with modern JavaScript frameworks (such as React.js), CSS pre and post-processors, and build task (Webpack or Gulp)
  • Proficiency with backend technologies, preferably PHP, Node, and/or Java, in both custom-built scenarios and using CMS platforms (WordPress, Laravel, etc)
  • Ability to plan out scalable and secure infrastructure for websites and applications
  • Strong OOP skills, strive to write clean and maintainable code and ability to provide code reviews and critiques
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, with experience creating technical documentation such as infrastructure architecture diagrams and API interface proposals
  • Extensive knowledge of Git and best practices
  • Very strong problem solving and debugging skills
  • Capacity to scope the technical aspects of projects from a timeline, resource and cost perspective
  • Good to Have

  • Visible presence in the industry through conferences, articles, open source projects, etc.
  • Experience with e-commerce and payment gateway integration
  • Understanding of design and usability concerns
  • Desire to be hands-on and lead by example
  • Sys admin/IT experience
  • Firstborn offers an excellent compensation package that includes:

  • Competitive salary (compensation will be based on experience)
  • Full Medical, Dental, and Long Term Disability Insurance
  • We also offer Vision, Short-term disability, and life insurance at no cost
  • 401K
  • Pleasant, enthusiastic, fast paced work environment with great people who love what they do
  • – All fields required