Spit Polished On The Streets Of Hell’s Kitchen. Refined At The Table Of Peter Luger.

What can be learned of an agency from a piece of meat and a glass of bourbon?

We think a lot.

At first, we thought we’d tell our story in the standard fashion. That we started in Hell’s Kitchen back in 1997. That our roots are in fashion. That we worked with agencies for years before focusing back on direct client work. That we were acquired by Dentsu in 2011. Voilà—an agency success story.

None of that, however, would tell you who we are. And it certainly wouldn’t tell you what we stand for. The only thing you may glean from our tenure is that we must be doing something right.

So instead, we’ll talk of meat, bourbon and a place called Peter Luger.

Early on, we began taking the company to Peter Luger. Across the Williamsburg Bridge we’d go—to celebrate each other—to eat, to drink, to recognize a year of hard work. With time, this trip became a tradition. Now, a pilgrimage.

Like any great event we start with a toast—the bellwether of camaraderie. We raise a glass of bourbon and perform this yearly rite of passage together. A glass of bourbon that spent 12 years sitting in an oak barrel before it was poured into your glass—made by passionate people dedicated to craft. Artisans bound by tradition.

Peter Luger does many great things, but it does one exceptionally well—the steak. The porterhouse, to be exact. And they’ve been doing it for over 125 years.

That’s what makes Peter Luger so special—their unwavering dedication to that one thing—the perfect steak. It’s as simple as that. And simple ain’t easy.

So what does this have to do with Firstborn?

Dedication to craft. Service without pomp and circumstance. Harbingers of tradition. A family.

That is the essence of Firstborn.