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Firstborn is looking for a Copywriter to join our team of pun enthusiasts, grammar geeks and all around word nerds.    
While we have a very talented group of Art Directors and Designers, we want someone to help tell our clients’ story through words as well as visuals. In this role you will work closely with Firstborn’s planning and strategy team as well as the creative team on both existing client work and new business pitches. Your job will be to help generate strong concepts and digital campaigns (whether it is in the form of a website, iPhone app, social media initiative…whatever solution is right for our client) and then help sell those ideas through words – working side by side with our team of designers who will help sell these ideas through visuals.
If you are someone who loves to come up with great ideas, understands the evolving digital landscape and, of course, is a strong, creative writer, we may be interested in talking with you.

Key Duties

  • You will work closely with the planning strategy and creative teams on all new business pitches.
  • As important as it is you are a great writer, it is equally as important you are an idea person. Think “creative director” but not design; copy. You will help lead our teams and generate ideas for all new business pitches and project based work.
  • By working with the rest of our creative team, you will help define key insights, which the team will use as a basis for idea generation.
  • You will bring the team’s ideas to life with words while our design team brings them to life through visuals.
  • You will help write and oversee all proposals and pitch documents with the assistance of our Producers and the Executive teams.
  • In addition to new business, you’ll have a chance to write copy for existing projects in house. This could be copy for a website, a script for online video, or a few phrases for a motion graphics vignette. Whatever the job calls for.


  • At least 3 years of experience creative direction and / or writing, with some awesome work to show for it.
  • A true understanding of and experience in the digital landscape. From websites to social media initiatives, you will be responsible for solving our client’s problems by offering up creative solutions on how their brand is seen in the digital world – you need to understand that world.
  • Be interested in popular culture, trends and styles and more importantly, why these things become trends and styles.
  • Be a team player, an amazing communicator, and very much open to collaboration.
  • While creativity is most important, you should also be a master ay spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Firstborn offers an excellent compensation package that includes:

  • Competitive salary (compensation will be based on experience)
  • Excellent Medical, Dental, and Long Term Disability Insurance
  • We also offer Vision, Short-term disability, and life insurance at no cost
  • 401K
  • Pleasant, enthusiastic, fast paced work environment with great people who love what they do